Mohamed Allam

About Mohamed Allam

SImplicity | Strength

Allam’s journey towards film directing started when he was as little as 14 years old; acting a role in a film called 45 YOOM starring Ahmed El Fishawy. Since then Allam’s passion for the set grew even further. By the time he was old enough to study media and broadcasting in university, he had his first opportunity working as an assistant director with Hady El-Bagoury moving on to freelancing in movies, commercials and series with directors like Ahmed Khaled Mousa , Yehya Ismail and other Egyptian and foreign directors integrating a unique style of his own through field experience. In 2015, Allam had directed his first commercial for Microsoft, since then he started getting projects for other brands and making a career as a director. “Simplicity Strength” says Allam every time he is in the thinking crossroads of decision making when constructing an idea of any project. When presenting a non-fiction project, he likes his films closest to reality to have his audience relating to what he’s presenting. Even in points when exaggeration is essential in the film, he evokes SIMPLICITY for realism. In surreal ideas, Allam prefers an epic picture that’s out of the box for the viewer’s entertainment and film appeal.. Mohamed Allam.
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